Jarumuang promotions 5-6-2016

Thongthai Sor Kasemlak vs Petdam Pirunrottuu

Thongthai pushed forward throughout, looking to wear down Petdam in the clinch. Petdam looked slick technically and picked off Thongthai throughout. In round 4 Petdam opened up with some sharp elbows, cutting Thongthai on his right eyebrow. The referee stopped the action to let the Doctor inspect the cut and the Doctor rulled it too dangerous to continue with Petdam winning by TKO in round 4.

Wayunoi Sor Sangagarnchang vs Petsila Por Pat

Petsila tried to play a more technical game with Wayunoi, but Wayunoi pushed forward into the clinch throughout, wearing down Petsila on route to the points win.

Surachai Nayoksanya vs Petngarm Kiatgampol

The main event saw a contrast of style with Surachai using his usual walk forward clinch and knee style and Petngarm looking sharp technically. Surachai pushed forward throughout, but Petngarm mamaged to pick him off throughout with sharp counters to take the decison.

Weekly Report by ROB COX

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