Petsuphapaan promotions 24-5-2016

Muangchonlek Por Suanthong vs Petkangwan Petmaneerat

Muangchonlek looked sharp early on in this fight, but Petkangwan came on strong in the last two rounds, out hustling Muangchonlek with some sharp counters, that saw him get the win.

Rittidet Rongriankilarkhorat vs Raksurin Kesa gym

This was a close, hard fought battle. Rittidet always looked a step ahead of Raksurin though and managed to just do enough in the clinch and scored with some sharp kicks on the outside to take the decision win.

Petmuangchon Sudsakonmuaythai vs Petnamngarm Or Kwanmuang

The action was fairly ebven in the first three rounds. in the last two rounds petnamngarm took over with some agressive kick and knee attacks and a high work rate that saw Petmuangchon fall behind and Petnamngarm take the win.

Weekly Report by ROB COX

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