Kiatpet promotions 17-5-2016

Thanchai Santiubon vs Sangdao Erawan

Both traded hard shots from the start Thanchai looked to push forward and pressure Sangdao more, but Sangdao looked the sharper, out scoring thanchai with counters to take the win.

Pentor Thor Pran 49 vs Kaosanit Dragonmuaythai

This was another hard fought battle between these two, with both trading hard punches and kicks throughout. In round four Pentor connected with a vicious elbow that sent Kaosanit down for the count.

Lomhuan Sitlomnao vs Palangchai Por Pinapat

The main event was a close technical battle, with both opening up with sharp kicks throughout. Palangchai just edged it in the later rounds to take the decision.

Weekly Report by ROB COX

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