PKSaenchai promotions 10-5-2016

Wacharapon PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Boonchana NayokAthasala

The action was fairly even at first. In the third Wacharapon started to open up with hard shots and a short way into the round, a hard barrage of punches sent Boonchana down for the count.

Worawut Baowee gym vs Farmai Por Ruangram

This was a hard fought battle contested mainly in the clinch. Farmai looked the stronger of the two in the later rounds and edged out the decision win.

Jakdao Thepkasem vs Sprinter Pangkongprarp

Jakdao came out hard in the opening round, attacking Sprinter with pnches and elbows, cutting him in the process. Sprinter weathered the early storm well, coming back with sharp punches and solid left kicks and took a clear win at the end.

Saensatharn PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Nonthakit Sorjorlekmuangnon

This was another battle in the clinch. Nonthakit always tried to get forward, but looked a little out of his depth height and size wise and Saensatharn went on to take the decision.

Sing Paranchai vs Methi Sorjortoypadriew

The main event saw Sing put in a decisive performance against Methi, controlling the ring and the pace of the fight throughout and taking a clear points win at the final bell.

Weekly Report by ROB COX

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