Onesongchai promotions 4-5-2016

Suayai Chor Haapayak vs Petpangan Sor Suksom

Petpangan tried to use his height and size to wear down Suayai with solid knees. Suayai unsettled Petpangan with solid punches and low kicks and hard body kicks to pull in front in the later stages and take the win.

Saenthanong Tor Silachai vs Petnarin Por Pekko

Saenthanong tried to take the same route to victory as Suayai, attacking Petnarin throughout with solid punches and low kicks. Petnarin never looked troubled though and controlled the ring with some sharp kicks on the outside and a vice like clinch to take the fight.

Rit Jitmuangnon vs Thaweesap PKSaenchaimuaythai gym

This fight came not long after Rit won the Ratchadamnern Mini-flyweight title. He looked a little out of sorts in this fight though, unable to find a rhythm as Thaweesap picked him off with shapr counter kicks and controlled the clinch to take a clear points win.

Purnkon Tor Surat vs Roycherng Joynatawee

Roycherng pushed forward throughout this fight trying to wear purnkon down in the clinch. Purnkon was too slick though and out scored Roycherng with solid kicks and fast punches to take a clear win in the main event.

Weekly Report by ROB COX

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