Petwiset promotions 25-4-2016

Tukatathong Sor Kiatiwat vs Luktoy FA Group


Tukatathong looked to use his aggression throughout this fight, attacking Luktoy with sold punches and low kicks. Luktoy kept his composure though and outscored Tukatathong with solid knees and elbows, taking a clear decision win.

Yokmorakot Wor Sangprapai vs Thanupet Jaroenkittikon

This was a hard fought battle between two predominately strong clinch and knee fighters. The action was back and forth throughout, but Thanupet had the edge in heght and managed to out score Yokmorakot in the later rounds to get the decision.

Praewprao Petyindeeacademy vs Rit Sor Wisetkit

This fight was for the Vacant WMC Mini-fyweeight World title. In the first three rounds of the main event, the action was very close as both traded sharp kicks. In round four Rit seemed to slow up a little and looked a little lazy in getting off with his shot sand Praewprao surged ahead to take the win.

Wangingthong promotions 28-4-2016

Saenson Erawan vs Jomthong Sakwichien

Both fighters went hard from the opening bell in this fight, opening up with solid punches and kicks. In the fourth Jomthong invited Saenson to trade hard shots, but came off worst after a hard hook crashed into his jaw, sending him down for the count.

Petngarm Kiatgampol vs Kwan Sor Ploenchit

Both looked to try and catch out other out with sharp counter kicks. Kwan looked to try and wear down Petngarm in the clinch as well, but Petngarm proved to be a little too slick and outscored Kwan to take the win.

Ruangdet Sakwichien vs Kiew Paranchai

Both traded sharp kicks in the early rounds of the main event. In round four Ruangdet started to take the fight into the clinch more, but walked onto a fast high kick from Kiew, that sent him down to the canvas unable to continue.

Weekly Report by ROB COX

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