Onesongchai promotions 9-6-2016

Ginsanglek Tor Laksong vs Sayanlek PKSaenchaimuaythai gym


Both just ease into the fight in the opening round. In round two Ginsanglek starts to push forward a little attacking Sayanlek with some sharp low kicks. Sayanlek fires in some sharp elbows and a swelling appears on the forehead of Gonsanglek, but he doesn't look fazed at all. The fight moves into the clinch a little, where Sayanlek looks strong. In the third Ginsanglek pushes forward again. Sayanlek looks sharp and fires in some sharp body kicks and lands a fast punch that knocks Ginsanglek off balance to the canvas. Ginsanglek keeps pushing forward though and opens up with sharp kicks, landing a huge one near the bell. In the fourth Ginsanglek keeps pushing forward. Sayanlek looks in control for the first two minutes, but Ginsanglek looks stronger and stronger as the round goes on and stabs in some solid knees and lands with some hard kicks near the end. The final round is very close. Ginsanglek starts slightly ahead and comes forward again. Both trade sharp shots in some tit for tat exchanges, before Sayanlek lands with a solid kick and throws Ginsanglek off balance to the canvas. Both stand off looking to take their chances with the judges, but Sayanlek takes the decision win.

Tuan Kor Kampanart vs Fonluang Sitboonmee


The opening round is a typical slow feeling out process. In the second the action still takes a little while to get going. Fonluang starts to open up with a few sharp kicks. Tuan comes in with some solid looking low kicks. In the third the action starts to go into the clinch more. Both trade solid knees as they look for the dominant position in the clinch. Tuan tries to thread in a few sharp elbows when he can. Fonluang lands with more sharp kicks whenever the action moves out of the clinch. Round four sees more close action in the clinch at first. Fonluang starts to land with some solid kicks on the outside and Tuan looks like he slows up a little. Near the end of the round Fonluang lands with a big barrage of kicks to go ahead. Tuan is offered 100,000 baht if he can turn the fight around in the final round. In the last round Tuan tries to get forward and back at Fonluang's lead, but gets caught with more sharp kicks falling further and further behind. Fonluang takes a clear win at the end.

Kongsak Sitboonmee vs Khaiwanlek Tor Laksong


Again the opening round is slow to get going. In round two Khaiwantae starts to open up with a few solid kicks. Kong saw starts to come in with some sharp punches. Near the end of the round Kongsak looks like he stuns Kaiwantae with one solid shot. In the third both start opening up with some sharp kicks. A short way in Kongsak fires in a solid right hook that crashes into the jaw of Khaiwantae, sending him down for the count.

Chalarm Paranchai vs Yodmongkol Muangseema


There is not too much action in the opening round. Yodmongkol shows some slick footwork and sharp punches. Yodmongkol looks slick again in the second as he catches Chalarm with some fast kicks. Near the end Chalarm starts to open up with some solid looking punches. In the third Chalarm pushes forward, opening up with sharp punches and then taking the fight into the clinch. Yodmngkol looks slick again as he fires in sharp body kicks and leaves his leg across Chalarm's body creating a defensive wall. Chalarm pushes forward again in the fourth. Yodmongkol looks slick at first, but slowly fades under the pressure as the round goes on and Chalarm finishes the round comfortably ahead. in the final round Chalarm just looks to control the ring. Yodmongkol tries to get in with a few shots, but looks tired and Chalarm is never fazed and takes a clear win at the end.

Purnkon Tor Surat vs Prajanbarn Sor Jorwichitpadriew

This fight is for the vacant Ratchadamnern Super-flyweight title and also has a 1 million baht side bet riding on the outcome. In the first two rounds both really take their time feeling each other out. In the third both trade woith some sharp kicks. Purnkon comes in with a few sharp punches, but Prajanbarn comes in with some sharp elbows and at one point looks like he wobbles Purnkon. In the fourth Purkon comes out straight away and off balances Prajanbarn. Both trade sharp kicks and knees agai, but Prajanbarn looks a little woild and gets thrown down a few times. Purnkon finishes the round in front. In the final round Prajanbarn comes out punching. He manages to catch Purnkon with a few, but nothing troubles him and Purnkon lands with big kicks throughout to go further ahead and takes the decision at the end.

Panpayak Jitmuangnon vs Gaonar PKSaenchaimuaythai gym

Both just ease into the fight in the opening round. In round two both trade sharp kicks in some tit for tat exchanges. In the third both trade sharp kicks again. Panpayak sits back more now and lets Gaonar bring the fight too him. In the fourth the action stays the same with Panpayak sitting back and soaking up Gaonar's attacks, while hitting back with fast counters. Panpayak looks in control and with a minute to go GaOnar switches to punching. Gaonar comes out punching in the final round, but nothing troubles Panpayak and a short way into the round Gaonar concedes defeat.

Sangmanee Sor Tienpho vs Muangthai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym

Muangthai starts aggressively, taking the fight to Sangmanee with some solid kicks, knees and elbows. Sangmanee isn't flustered and comes back at Muangthai with some sharp punches. In the second Muangthai pushes forward again opening up with solid kicks and ebows Sangmanee shows some slick footwork and picks off Muangthai with hard punches and kicks, landing a couple of huge punches near the end of the round. in the third Muangthai pushes forward again, but just seems to eat shots as Sangmanee looks on fire and catches Muangthai with hard punch after punch, solid kicks and a fast push kick to the face. In round four Muangthai pushes forward again, but Sangmanee looks in total control and picks Muangthai off again and again. Midway through the round the referee has seen enough and calls of the fight, with Muangthai totally outclassed.

Special Report by ROB COX

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