Tor Chaiwat promotions 30-5-2016

Petthaksin Sor Sommai vs Sanwangchai JSP

Both just ease into the fight in the opening round. In the second round Sanwangchai starts to try and intimidate Petthaksin a little with some solid punches. Petthaksin doesn't look fazed thoug and comes in with some sharp push kicks and a few solid body kicks. In the third the fight moves into the clinch and both start to open up with solid knees. A few of the knees stray low and Sanwangchai gets a warning for a blatant knee to the groin. Sanwangchai comes in with a few sharp left kicks on the outside. In the fourth Sanwangchai pushes forward, opening up with some sharp punches and kicks. Petthaksin controls the ring well though and lands with some heavy knees in the clinch. Sanwangchai pushes forward again in the final round and opens up with sharp kicks trying to get back at Petthaksin's lead. Sanwangchai looks like he is getting closer to the lead, but gets spun off balance. Petthaksin goes further ahead again and controls the ring up to the final bell where he takes the decision.

Superbon Teemuangloei vs Jemsak Sakburiram

The opening round again is a typical slow feeling out process. In round two Superbon starts to push the pace a little, opening up with some solid punches and kicks. Jemsak looks like he is still easing into the fight. Superbon pushes forward again in the third. Jemsak starts to fire in some solid kicks now. Superbon looks strong whenever the fight moves into the clinch. In the fourth Superbon pushes forward relentlessly, opening up with heavy knees. Jemsak looks to off balance Superbon throughout and lands with some sharp kicks. Near the end Superbon lands with a heavy kick and spins Jemsak off balance to take the lead. In the final round Superbon comes in with a few solid knees at the start. Jemsak tries to off balance Superbon, but stumbles down himself. Superbon looks a long way ahead now and both go through the motions to the final bell. 

Kiatpet Suanaharnpikmai vs Rambo Pet Portoror

the opening round sees little action to speak of. In the second both start to open up with solid kicks and Rambo comes in with a few sharp punches. In the third both start to trade solid knees in the clinch in some back and forth action. Rambo lands with a few more hard punches and some sharp elbows. Kiatpet catches Rambo with a fast push kick to the face and follows in with a solid body kick. Just before the bell Rambo catches Kiatpet with a sharp high kick, but there is not much power behind it. In the fourth there is more frantic action in the clinch as the momentum sways back and forth between them. Both fire in some sharp elbows, but Rambo just shades a close round. In round five Kiatpet comes forward, but Rambo picks him off with solid kicks and some hard knees. Kiatpet falls further and further behind and by the final bell Rambo is a clear winner.


Yodlekpet Or Pitisak vs Songkhom Nayoksanya

Both open up with a few testing punches and elbows in the opening round. In round two Yodlekpet fires in some solid punches and looks to work the legs of Songkhom with some solid low kicks. Songkhom comes in with some sharp elbows and long knees. In the third The action is back and forth as both land with some solid shots, Yodlekpet with more sharp kicks and punches and Songkhom again looking to land with hard elbows and long knees. Songkhom pushes forward again in the fourth opening up with more hard elbows and knees. Yodlekpet comes back throughout with hard punches and kicks and stuns Songkhom a few times with hard elbows.  Songkhom never stops coming forward, but looks out gunned. In the final round Songkhom comes out punching, but nothing troubles Yodlekpet and with a minute left he concedes defeat.

Special Report by ROB COX

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