Petwithaya promotions 19-5-2016

Sakadpet Petseemuan vs Falan Por Petkhaikaew

Both just ease into the fight in the opening round. In round two both start to trade solid kicks. Farlan looks sharp as he lands with some hard, well timed body kicks and sharp punches. Salad pet comes in with a few solid kicks of his own. In the third both carried on where they left off trading sharp kicks. Farlan looked the more aggressive and manage to back up,Sakadpet, landing with a few heavy punches. In the fourth Sakadpet came out with a different approach as h came out taking the fight into the clinch, determined to get a lock around the neck of Farlan and trying to,wear him down with solid knees. Farlan looked to unsettle Sakadpet with some sharp elbows and landed wth more solid right body kicks on the outside, but couldn't slow up Sakadpet, who never stopped coming forward. In the final round Sakadpet pushed forward again, but couldn't wear down Farlan enough to get in front. Farlan always came back throughout with solid kicks and took the decision at the final bell

Kwandom Torminburi vs Suriyanlek Orbortor Kampee

The opening round was a typical slow feeling out process. In round two Suriyanlek started to push forward a little and opened up,with some solid punches and kicks. Kwandom still looked like he was warming into the fight, but came in with some hard kicks and punches of his own. In the third Kwandom starts to push forward into the clinch, coming from behind some solid punches. Suriyanlek opened up with more hard punches and elbows and cut Kwandom over his right eye brow. Kwandom kept pushing forward, but at first Suriyanlek looked sharp and picked him off with some solid kicks and punches. Kwandom slowly started to take the fight into the clinch and landed with some solid knees. In the fourth Kwandom pushed forward relentlessly, looking to wear down Suriyanlek in the clinch. Suriyanlek struggled at first to contain the attacks, before starting to trade back with his own knees and managing to throw Kwandom down to the canvas. Kwandom pushed forward again, but a hard barrage of punches from Suriyanlek had him looking hurt. In the final round Suriyanlek came out fast, attacking Kwandom with a huge barrage of punches that had him looking stunned. Suriyanlek then sat back letting Kwandom bring the fight too him, picking off Kwandom with counters as he tried to get back into the fight. At the final bell Suriyanlek took a clear points win.


Luknimit Singklongsee vs Ploywithaya Muusaphanmai

Again the opening round saw both just ease into the fight. In round two Ploywithaya started to force the action, pushing forward and opening up with some sharp kicks. Luknimit didn't look as busy, but came back at Ploywithaya throughout with sharp counters, landing a heavy kick just before the bell. In the third the action was close again. Ploywithaya looked to use his height to his advantage as he pushed forward opening up with kicks and long knees. Luknimit came in with a strong lock in the clinch at times, landing wth some hard knees to the sides of Ploywithaya. In the fourth both traded hard knees in the clinch. Ploywithaya looked the busier and more determined, but Luknimit looked like he was landing with the heavier shots and managed to off balance Ploywithaya a couple of times. In the final round Ploywithaya started behind and used forward looking to try and get back at Luknimit's lead, Luknimit always managed to counter back though and stayed in front until the end, where he took the decision

Special Report by ROB COX

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