Wanmitchai promotions 9-5-2016

Palangpon Petyindeeacademy vs Wanchai Kiatmuu 9


The first couple of rounds take a little while to get going, with both having met already several times. In the third Wanchai starts to push forward looking to clinch and knee. Palangpon soaks up the attacks and comes in with a few sharp kicks now and some solid punches. In the fourth the action is frantic as Wanchai comes forward relentlessly with strong knee attacks and Palangpon comes back throughout with sharp kicks. Wanchai starts to fire in some solid punches and looks like he stuns Palangpon wth a couple, but Palangpon comes back with some sharp punches and elbows and finishes the round in front. In the final round Wanchai comes out with more hard punches, but Palangpon controls the ring well and takes a clear win at the end.

Yothin FA Group vs Archanai Petyindeeacademy



This fight is for the WMC Super-flyweight title. Both just ease into the fight in round one. In round two the fight starts to move into the clinch a little. Archanai manages to tag Yothin with a solid elbow. In the third both trade sharp kicks. Archanai looks the more determined of the two, as Yothin looks a little slow to get going. In the fourth Yothin looks to take the fight into the clinch. Archanai lands with some sharp kicks and stabbing knees and tries to keep off Yothin with some sharp push kicks. In the final round Yothin comes out punching, but Archanai never looks troubled and takes the decision and the title.


Wanchana Or Boonchuay vs Klarsuk Petjinda


Again round one sees both just feel their way into the fight. In the second Klarsuk pushes forward and starts to attack Wanchana wth some solid punches. Both start to fire in sharp low kicks and towards the end of the round Wanchana shows signs that the clicks are hurting him a little. In the third Klarsuk attacks Wanchana with more sharp low kicks. Wanchana blocks well though and comes in with some sharp knees, but sits back on the ropes a little too much. Klarsuk fires in some hard kicks and punches. In the fourth Klarsuk pushes forward again throughout the round. Wanchana sits back again and looks to off balance Klarsuk when he gets the opportunity and some fast kicks. The final round is close, both trade shots for the first half of the round, before standing off looking to take their chances with the judges. At the end the score is a draw.

Rungnarai Mor Ratonabandit vs Satharnmuanglek Numphontep


This fight is for the vacant Ratchadamnern Light-flyweight title. In the opening round both just take their time to get going. Satharnmuanglek fires in a few solid punches and low kicks. In the second Satharnmuanglek comes in a little quicker, attacking Rungnarai with solid punches and elbows and more stinging low kicks. Rungnarai just soaks up the attacks and comes in with a few fast counters. In round three Satharnmuanglek carries in where he left off, attacking Rungnarai with more fierce shots. Rungnarai fires in more sharp kicks and a few sharp elbows. A short way into the round a lapse of concentration sees Satharnmuanglek drop his guard and Rungnarai connects with a huge kick, with his shin landing under Satharnmuanglek's jaw, sending him down for the count.

Superlek Mort Ratonabandit vs Bangpleenoi 96 Penang


Both just go through the motions in the opening round. In round two the action is barely underway when Superlek fires in a hard rising elbow, dropping Bangpleenoi down for the count.

Kaewkangwan Pliewwayo vs Khaimukkhao Por Thairungruangkhamai


The opening round sees both slow to get going. In the second both start to test each other out with sharp kicks. In the third the fight is taking shape into a battle of wits with both trying to out smart each other with sharp counters. The fourth sees more slick, fast exchanges of kicks as both try and catch each other out with sharp counters again. Khaimukkhao slowly edges head and Kaewkangwan is forced to come forward more. This plays into Khaimukkhao's gameplay and he edges further ahead. At the end of the round Kaewkangwan is offered 100,000 baht if he can turn the fight around. In the final round Kaewkangwan comes forward punching. Khaimukkhao has no trouble controlling the ring though and takes a clear win at the end.

Petmorakot Wor Sangprapai vs Petpanomrung Mor Ratonabandit

Again the opening round sees both just ease their way into the fight. In round two it's slow to get going again at first. A minute into the fight Petpanomrung lands with a solid punch that wobbles Petmorakot. Petpanomrung opens up with some more hard shots, but Petmorakot clears his head and starts to come in with some hard knees. Petpanomrung comes in with some sharp body and push kicks. In the third Petmorakot comes forward looking to clinch and knee. Petpanomrung looks slick as he fights off the back foot and keeps off Petmorakot with more fast push kicks and lands with some well timed body kicks. Mid round Petpanomrung complains about Petmorakot coming in with some knees below the belt. Petmorakot lands a few knees near the bell and manages to throw down Petpanomrung one time. Petmorakot pushes forward throughout the fourth looking to knee again, but Petpanomrung looks in control throughout and lands with more sharp kicks to take a solid lead into the final round. Petmorakot comes forward again at first, but can't trouble Petpanomrung who cruises to the decision win.

Special Report by ROB COX

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