Jitmuangnon promotions 2-5-2016

Kiewpayak Jitmuangnon vs Ronachai Santiubon


Both take it easy in the opening round. In round two both start to test each other with some sharp kicks. In the third both test each other out again with some razor sharp exchanges of kicks. Ronachai looks sharp at first, but Kiewpayak looks sharp in the second half of the round. In the fourth there is more sharp exchanges of kicks from both as they jostle back and forth in control of the fight. Ronachai starts well again, only for Kiewpayak to come back mid round, but Ronachai managed to kick him off his feet near the end of the round to take the lead into the last. Kiewpayak tried to get forward in the final round, but Ronachai countered back well throughout and took the decision at the end.

Wanchalong PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Gaokarat Jitmuangnon


Again the opening round was very slow to get going. In round two Wanchalong starts to open up with some solid punches and low kicks. Gaokarat comes in with some fast punches and kicks as the fight starts to heat up. In the third both trade hard kicks shot for shot. Wanchalong's look slightly the heavier of the two. Near he end of the round Gaokarat lands a solid punch and follows in with a jumping knee. In the fourth both trade sharp kicks again and both manage to wrestle each there to the canvas a couple of times. Near the end Gaokarat looks like he is feeling the pace and gets caught with three hard, unanswered kicks from Wanchalong. At the start of the final round Wanchalong opens up with more hard kicks, catching Gaokarat with about four with no reply. Both just go through the motions for the rest of the round and Wanchalong takes a clear decision win.

Pichitchai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Kengklar Por Pekko


There is little action to speak of in the opening round. Pichitchai lands with a big uppercut just before the bell. In the second Pichitchai starts to fire in some sharp low kicks and punches. Kengklar soaks up the attacks and comes back with some fast body kicks. In the third the fight has fully warmed up now. Pichitchai pushes forward opening up with more solid low kicks and punches. Kengklar soaks them up well and comes in with some elbows and knees and sharp kicks. Pichitchai continues looking to land with hard punches in the fourth, but doesn't quite look quick enough. Kengklar moves away from most and scores with sharp kicks and knees and ties up Pichitchai in the clinch whenever he gets too close. In the final round Pichitchai needs a knockdown at least to get anything from the fight and comes out swinging again, but can't pin down Kengklar who takes a clear win at the end.

Petlamsin Chor Haapayak vs Jemsak Sakburiram


The opening round just sees both feeling each other's defenses out. In round two both start to trade sharp kicks, there is little between them. In the third both trade sharp kicks again, though both look a little lazy, the referee stops the action a couple of times to warn them to get going. Jemsak just edges it. In the fourth Petlamsin comes forward looking to clinch and knee and manages to land a few. Jemsak looks sharp though and off balances Petlamsin several times and catches him several times with sharp kicks to take the lead. In the final round Petlamsin comes out punching, but nothing troubles Jemsak who goes on to get the points win.

Tuan Kor Kampanart vs Extra Sor Sirilak


The opening round is slow t get going. In round two both start to lock horns in the clinch. Tuan comes in with some solid elbows. In the third oath trade solid knees throughout in the clinch, there is not much between them. In round four the fight stays in the clinch again. The action is back and forth and very close, but near the end Extra manages to dump Tuan down to the canvas to a big roar from the crowd and moves ahead. Tuan comes out punching in the final round and moves forward relentlessly, catching Extra with some solid knees as well. Extra comes back with some sharp knees, but Tuan's work rate sees him snatch the decision away from Extra.

Yodpanomrung Jitmuangnon vs Rambo Pet Portoror


The opening two rounds are a typical feeling out process. In round three Rambo starts to push forward, opening up with some sharp punches and kicks. Yodpanomrung just soaks up the attacks. In the fourthboth start to open up with solid knees. Rambo fires in some sharp elbows, managing to cut Yodpanomrung and follows in with some solid high kicks. Towards the end Yodpanomrung manages to stab in some hard knees. In the final round the action is very close again as both come in with some strong knees and kicks before standing off with a minute to go, looking to take their chances with the judges. At the end the judges award the win to Yodpanomrung.

Sangmanee Sor Tienpho vs Panpayak Jitmuangnon


Both open up with a few sharp low and body kicks in the opening round. In round two Sangmanee pushes forward more looking to intimidate Panpayak with some solid punches and some sharp kicks. Panpayak sits back and comes in with some fast counter body kicks and some sharp push kicks. In the third Sangmanee pushes forward again looking to draw Panpayak into a fight. Both trade sharp kicks, but Panpayak sits back on the ropes and Sangmanee steps back and calls him forward. They trade sharp kicks grouper the round, but at the bell there is a big chant from the crowd, complaining that Panpayak is going back too much. In the fourth both trade sharp kicks again. Panpayak stands his ground more, but Sangmanee looks a bit bigger and stronger and by the end of the round Panpayak looks tired. Panpayak pushes forward at the start of the final round, but doesn't look like he has much left. Sangmanee lands with a heavy low kick that slows up Panpayak even more and with a minute to go Panpayak concedes defeat.

Special Report by ROB COX

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