Somrak returns

The 2nd of April sees the return of Somrak Khamsing to the ring at Ratchadamnern stadium in a special fight headlining Wanmitchai and petwiset promotions. Somrak faces old adversary Yodwanpadet Sor Junlasen with a special rules format for the fight with Somrak only allowed to punch and use limited clinching and Yodwanpadet allowed to se the full muaythai arsenal of weapons. The fight has over 3 million baht riding on the outcome. The rest of the show has a stacked card featuring many of Petyindee promotions star names such as Nong-O Gaiyanghaadao gym, Kwankhao Mor Ratonabandit, Petpanomrung Kiatmuu 9, Detsakda Sitsongpeenong, Satahrnmuanglek Numponthep and Palangpon Petyindeeacademy