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We are the website with all the news and information about the sport of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is the art of fighting and self - defense of Thailand. This is the perfect opportunity for those who are interesting in the art of Muay Thai to follow the news about Muay Thai just as if they are in Thailand themselves. The news and information that our website offers are:

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  • The history of Muay Thai.
  • The history of the standard stadiums in Thailand.
  • The information of the top Muay Thai's fighters from the past and the present.
  • The advanced programes of Muay Thai.
  • The update ofn the competitions in every single match.
  • The ranking of the champions of each institution and different stadiums.
  • The techniques of Muay Thai including punches, kicks, khees and elbows.
  • The names of Muay Thai camps in Thailand.
  • The names of Muay Thai schools in Thailand.
  • The names of Muay Thai promoters in the standard stadiums in Thailand.
  • The privilege in making reservation on the ring - side seats with 20% descount when reservations are made in advance.

You can follow up on the news of your favorite Muay Thai's fighters. And if you have a chance to come to Thailand, you can schedule to come on the day to see yout favorite fighters. Our team at Muaythai2000 hope that our website is useful and able to give you more information about Muay Thai. You can follow up on Muay Thai's news just like you are in Thailand.


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